Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between standard, premium and custom sets?

Standard sets are made with traditional headliner material and are available in three basic colors: black, gray and tan.

Premium sets are available with a wider range of colors, and are made with your choice of either the traditional headliner material or suede. 

Custom sets are just that.  If you are interested in a different material or color combination not listed on the website, please contact us with your request for a custom order.

How are the headliners attached?

We use 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape.  Once the panels are adhered to the hard top, they will not come off!

Do I need to remove the top for installation?

In most situations, we can install the panels without removing the top.  However, if you have a roll cage or other large interior fixture, we may need to remove the top for ease of install. 

What are the panels made of?

All standard sets are made with 1/2" foam insulation with a foil backed liner, and then 1/8" headliner, or other material if you are building a custom set. 

How do I keep them clean?

For most materials, a lint roller and vacuum does the trick. 

What exactly are the window surrounds?

The window surrounds insulate the area around your rear hard top windows.  They are available for JL, JLU, JK and JKU.